Exhibiting Artist Filomena Coppola JUL 15 – SEP 3

15/08/2017 , Mel Anastas

Filomena Coppola’s work delves into the psyche, tugging on the threads that we as a society tend to brush off, and we as individuals tend to poke back into the weave.

The two series which make up EARTHLY TALES examine both the physical contexts between natural states, and ephemeral effects evoked by their presentation in new contexts.

A Fish Out of Water – Murray Cod comprises of a three-variation series depicting hand-painted images of the Murray cod, native to the Murray River system and fighting for survival against introduced species and environmental change.

The fish are canvassed in various natural objects – leaves, shells, and on hand-turned, polished pebbles of fossilised Red Gum sourced from Murray River country (carbon dating places between 5000-9000 years).

These deep, glass-like echoes from ancient giants are sat upon shelves of freshly-milled Red Gum from the Murray River system. Adorned with a finely detailed Murray cod, they are set in the foreground of a tranquil image from one of the achingly Australian locations along the Murray, along which Filomena travelled in the making of this project. Her journey took her hundreds of kilometres and through three States, following Australia’s most significant and vital water system and evoking a paradox of permanence and impermanence – the very nature of life itself.

The fight for survival for this native fish is visited in a series of small works, using the pages from “The Reader’s Digest Complete Atlas of Australia” 1968 edition as a background, introducing the Murray cod into different environments; the introduction of gum leaves once again connecting the relationships between flora and fauna.

As an eloquent and poignant conclusion to this series, Filomena “returned” the 9 pebbles to their source environment during the summer solstice. The resulting photographs depict the Red Gum cod both embraced and at odds with it’s placement amidst Australian scrub, in the charred bark of existing trees and South Australia’s upon sandy shores.

The Wallflower series is a study of a variety of exotic orchids, in breathtaking detail, canvassed on finely patterned Italian wallpaper. The study reminds us that flowers are indeed organs of reproduction, and there is no apology made in this work for their deeply erotic lives.

The Earthly Tales exhibition was opened by poet John Kinsella (see his performance here) and reviewed with insightful literary brilliance in The West review by Will Yeoman.

See http://www.filomenacoppola.com/ for more.

Works are available for purchase at Gallery 152 until September 3rd.

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